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I order a specific style in a Medium for a jumper. I received a phone call and an email while i was on vacation stating that they didnt have my size in that style and I needed to pick another one. As soon as I got back in service I told them that I wanted a refund and nothing else will satisfy me. They sent an XS different style to me anyways and now I feel like im going to have to go to battle to get my money back. I had read the bad reviews... Read more

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Had a onsie from Jumpin Jammerz, the zip broke, that's fine it happens. I contacted them to find out the zip size so I could replace it myself. They wouldn't tell me but they offered to send me a replacement zip. I thought this was great until they sent me a bill for it, it was only $5 so I just payed it. However, they never actually send me the zipper. After contacting them back via Pay Pal, which they were not exactly polite about, they... Read more

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I ordered Pj's as a christmas gift and needed to exchange for a bigger size. The tag on the pajamas says to call an 800 number but when you do no one ever answers- I left 7 messages with no response. Went to their website and it says that they only handle exchanges and returns online- even though the tag attached to the garment says to call the 800 number and nothing about going to their website. Finally contact them and tell them what happened... Read more

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I ordered the monkey jammerz and was very dissatisfied with the way it looked. I looked like a rat! I returned them with plans to exchange for another pair and they refunded me half of my money and have yet to respond to my messages. Notice on the website that there is no number available?! The number I found a month ago (888-884-5526) is a false / FAKE/ non working number. Fishy, ey? So I checked them out at the Better Business Bureau-has 1... Read more

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Jumpin Jammerz - Poorly made product, poorer customer service.
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I ordered a pair of black onesie pajamas from this company on November 12. I received the pajamas, washed them as recommended and wore them a total of THREE times before the zipper snapped completely off! I contacted the company using their webpage, and received this email message: "Hello, We are sorry your zipper snapped off. We can definitely help you with this, we can send you a zipper replacement kit for your order. We can send this out... Read more

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I recently ordered a pajama from this company. On their website it was clearly described as being 100% cotton, this was emphasized multiple times in the item description. When I received the pajama it was 100% polyester, awful quality. I know that they didn't just send me the wrong item entirely because the SKU# matched and the pattern was the same. It was completely misrepresented online. I contacted them to authorize a return so I could get a... Read more

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Ordered a set of pajamas, no stock in required size, they said they would return the money - never did. Originally responded to emails, then they stopped communicating and never returned the money. Very bad service, thieves. I have been trying to contact them through their site, facebook, twitter, everything - nothing. Really bad. I am still trying to contact them. Very unhappy with their service. Jumpin Jammerz = bad service Jumpin Jammerz =... Read more

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I ordered a Batman onesie. I paid for the onesie (which was quite expensive mind you) and shipping. After a few weeks it made it to my house (I live in Canada) and I was shocked to discover that there was an additional $55 charge. CRAZY. The PJs are awesome. They are fuzzy and crazy warm (which is good for the great Canadian winter). I love batman, and the onesie definitely turns eyes. I wore it on stage during my tribute to batman solo act at... Read more

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I ordered from them 2 times. Every time I ordered from them I received something totally different. Customer service never answers emails go to the way side and If ordering from them you are better off ordering a few years in advance. Their delivery is never on time everything is back ordered and here is the real story. Their back order is usually 6-8 months on average with extra charges being added to your order at the time of shipment. If you... Read more

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I ordered some pjs. Had to return one of them. Their instructions say place a new order for the replacement, which I did. Then I sent back the pjs with the $9 fee and followed their very long instructions. They cashed my check. Never credited me back the original cost. I did get my new order. Then the accidentally sent me a second pair of the same pjs. Now I have to go to the post office to mail back the second pair of pjs they sent me by... Read more

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