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This company is very poorly manged and basically has no customer service. Called with a delivery issue, was told by customer sevice agent they would get back to me that call back.

Called three days later, demanded to talk to a customer servic manager, she not very competent and said she would look into the problem and call me back in half an call back. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Doubt if I get my money back but hopefully if enough pissed off customers do the same they will be shut down. There is simply no excuse for a company to be this incompetent and they should not be allowed to remain in business.

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New Hartford, Connecticut, United States #967900

I ordered from them 2 times. Every time I ordered from them I received something totally different.

Customer service never answers emails go to the way side and If ordering from them you are better off ordering a few years in advance. Their delivery is never on time everything is back ordered and here is the real story. Their back order is usually 6-8 months on average with extra charges being added to your order at the time of shipment. If you order from jumpin jammerz please monitor your account for the charge and always save your order confirmation.

*** not the email but the confirmation you get the moment your transaction is complete. Print it and take a picture of your computer screen. BBB has them at this time as an (F) rating. Use extreme caution.

Their website lies.

Never believe what they say. **** unsubscribe from their mailing list and capture a picture of the unsubscribe action and forward to your attorney if any further communication is present.


I also ordered a set of pj's from this horrible excuse for a website, I never received an order com conformation email, or a tracking number, nothing...but of course they charged my card and took my money the very next day of the purchase. I waited two weeks and then emailed them several times, they never responded.

So then began to call their so called "customer service" number... no one ever answered the phone, ever... I called 4 or 5 times each day, I left several messages and a few times the answering machine told me the mail box was full??! Then I called my bank and reported all of this and they returned my money.

This company is a scam, do not purchase ANYTHING from them. BEWARE!!!


Has anyone actually been able to exchange their product yet?


Janet, I'm having the same issue with their VM full and their VM stating their closed(during business hrs)there's no way to contact customer service. I even emailed them a week ago with no response from them.

At this point i'm out a gift for my sister for XMAS and awaiting a dispute claim with my credit card company. I will never use or recocmmend this company!!


how do you even get in contact with them?? my boyfriend has tried calling the past week and a half because he needs to exchange for a larger size and there's no answer at all, and the vmail is full...


Don't waste your time with the BBB as they are useless. A few months ago Jumpin Jammerz had a F- rating with them and now after giving the BBB some $$$ they are rated a A+ and are an Accredited Business.

What a joke. :upset The best thing to do is contact your credit card company and continue to blog about them on all consumer review sites.



how do you report them to the BBB? i would like to do that as well

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