DO NOT use this company. We received two pair pj's as christmas gifts. They were the wrong size. I paid to ship them back, put in writing the new order request, paid for the difference in price and wrote EXACTLY what address they should be sent to.

They totally screwed up the order and send only one pair to the address of the original purchaser who had to pay to ship it to us. Meanwhile, the 2nd pair is nowhere to be found.

I have called three times, emailed twice and have been told by a rude "manager" that there is nothing they can do. After I reminded him that I had done everything per their instructions and that the error was their fault, he told me someone from fulfillment would contact me. Never happened. I called again and spoke with a young man who was moderately helpful, but took 45 minutes to unravel the problem. He called me back one time to gather additional info and promised to call me back with a resolution to the problem. Never happened.

I've never experienced such poor customer service and such incompetence. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. There are plenty of other pajama retailers who value their customer and will make good on their promise. JumpinJammerz is not a professionally run or competent organization. They do not deserve to be in business.

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As some one "in the know" take it from me, BBB complaints are a joke. The person above me did not get their money back because they complained I promise you, it just worked out for them for them.

You will not get your money back because you complain to the BBB, I assure you, they laugh at customers that say they'll complain to the BBB. You know why they laugh?

Jumpin Jammerz has recently reapplied at the BBB basically wiping their slate clean. as of July (according to the website) they are a brand new company.

The BBB is pretty useless in getting your money back. The best thing to do is talk to your credit card company and tell them you never got the product. Make to sure to explain to the credit card company the issues you have with JJ. And be sure to post everywhere how badly you were treated. That is all you can do.


Put a complaint into the BBB. I did and I actually got all my money back.

Had an awful experience as well with this company...

simply awful. :upset

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